Post Separation/Alimony Support

I want fairness, despite my personal feelings to my STBX.

Her Lawyer is asking for $1,800.00 over 12 years.
I know there are 16 factors the courts use, but not real familiar with them.
I have no lawyer, nor can I afford one.
Where would I go to research similiar cases as mine to see what is ‘fair’ for spousal support ?

I work, STBX has not in over 10 years.
Married 20 years.
No affairs on either side.
STBX has high school education.

Does not NC Law state spousal support lasts for half the years you were married ?
So 20 years = 10 years of support ?

What is fair for spousal support is of course different in each case, but a good baseline is to take a look at her budget of reasonable needs and see what her shortfall or need is compared to your surplus after your needs are met.

The statutes do not provide us with guidance for a term of alimony, and the notion that it is paid for half the length of the marriage is a rule of thumb.

The actual statutes are provided under the alimony tab on this website.