Privilege - Psychologist / Child

One of our minor children sees a psychologist for anxiety related to our separation. We meet with her to get progress updates but she does not share much information citing confidentiality.

I’ve read the subject of privilige in regard to children can be complicated. Normally the client holds the privilege for psychotherapy and the therapist holds the privilege for the client. But when the client is a minor, the parents are often considered to be the legal client , yet some state laws evidently make no distinction between a child and adult when referring to a patient .

As such, what is the NC law regarding who holds privilege in the case of a minor child being the patient ? What amount of information is apprporiate for the therpaist to share as opposed to withhold ? I know they have to share concerns about imminent danger, abuse, etc. but what aspects of the diagnosis and issues on the childs mind should the therapist be sharing with parents, if any ? We are not seeking a verbatim recital of what the child says in session, but would at least expect in general terms what types of concerns they are having.

The rules regarding mental health privilege are outside of the scope of this forum.