Proof of Adultery in DBB divorce

My husband/defendant has subpoenaed witnesses for PSS etc hearing on April1st.
The evil doer husband recruited my own daughter (not his), and her boyfriend to be in his “camp”, along with husband’s paramour to team up against me in many horrific ways which has been extremely distressing for a good length of time. He’s made it beneficial for them to do so.
Daughter who lives with me I am sure will be one of husband’s witnesses, and her boyfriend will be the other witness.
My daughter and her boyfriend can conjure up big fabricated tales well I know, and sure they both will have their stories to tell the Judge at upcoming April 1st hearing. Husband’s aim would be to prove me an adulterous barring me from PSS and alimony, despite husband’s actual multiple affairs in 10 yrs with him forking out great deal of money and gifts to the current paramour for a couple yrs.
I asked former attorney if their testimony alone without any photos, clear cut evidence could have the Judge decide to consider me an adulteress, and my then attorney said YES.
This blew me away beyond comprehension.
Is this true???
I do have photos of daughter, boyfriend. and granddaughter with paramour from New Years Eve party before last and pics of their time all together at House of Blues. Also, daughter’s boyfriend when living in house with me along with dgtr and grand was physically threatening me regularly and assaulted me. Have copy of court trial subpoena for me to appear for that assault. Each time in court, daughter lied on stand to save her boyfriend’s skin, and threw me under the bus so I lost. She was only witness to it all. Boyfriend is serious drug and alcohol abuser going on rants and rages at times. I’m PRAYING this will discredit both of them (??)

Testimony alone can be enough, however, it’s not as credible as when there is testimony + physical evidence presented which matches the testimony and therefore strengthens the credibility of the testimony.

The evidence you have may help discredit any witness testimony against you.

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wow that smarts. Anyone can come up with a story, and the innocent be nailed to the cross. It is what it is. Thanks much :slightly_smiling_face: