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I really don’t think there is much you can or would want to do about this. Although my stepson goes to the same church whether w/ his mom or dad, many of his friends do not and this does not seem to be an issue. Depending on the age of the child it would be ideal if they could express what church they want to go to, but if parents don’t live in the same town this might not be possible anyway.

I doubt it. He has a right to instruct his child in whatever faith (even if it is many) he likes, just as you have a right to instruct your child in your faith. You share a child, you have equal right to instruction, but not complete control.

Don’t know for sure, but I can bet that the court would see it that way. Otherwise, courts would be in the business of determing sanctioned religions, which goes against First Amendment rights to freedom of religion.

My mother taught CCD (Catholic Christian Doctrine) at our church and taught about other people’s faiths as a way of teaching tolerance. She was known to hold Saders for Passover to teach about the context of Jesus’ life and teachings. Try using it as a teaching opportunity.

There is nothing you can do regarding religious teaching. The Court certainly isn’t going to find fault with any religious preference.

If you have joint legal custody generally there is nothing the court will do to stop the other parent form exposing the child to different religions. If there is something dangerous about that religion (eg. a cult that preys on children) then the court would find grounds to intervene.

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I have primary custody with shared legal custody of child.
She is a baptised/practicing Catholic going through classes to complete first communion.

EX refuses to acknowledge this and says that she needs to be exposed to many different denominations in order to make her own choices. He is now planning on taking her to a different church, as well as church with his mother (2 different denominations) during his visits. I am worried that this will be confusing for her.

Legally: Is there grounds for anything here? or is it considered different parenting styles