Reasonable time line for getting him out


I’ve posted here, and read quite a bit, as I’m in the same situation. From what I understand, and someone correct me if I’m wrong (please let me be wrong) there is no time limit for him to leave. If you want the separation, and he won’t leave, the only way (other than a divorce from bed and board, which is very expensive and time consuming) to separate is for YOU to leave. That’s it. Unless he’s abuse, and it can be proven, or there are any of the factors for the divorce from bed and board, there is no way to force him out. Period.


Unfortunatley you are right with that. The home is marital property and he can stay. The start of the divorce process does not start till yuo are living separate. Well that is dumb how do you start it if he will not go, you have kids and do not want to up root them? It seems a little backwards to me.
But if bed and board is an option for you, you can try to do it with no attorney. If you have clear cut circumstances the judge most likely will grant this for you. However it is not a full divorce, all it does is get the accused spouse out of the house and the process started.
If you can gain the knowledge I do not see how this can get too expensive. I could be wrong I have started it on my own lets see how far I can get without too much expense.

Maureen Wallace

  1. Unfortunately he does not have to leave, if he chooses not to you have two options; the first, and often easiest, is that you can move out yourself. The second option is that if you have grounds to do so you can sue him for a divorce from bed and board and ask the court to evict him from the residence.

  2. If you sue him for a divorce from bed and board, the court will have a hearing on that issue.

Here is some more information about a divorce from bed and board;

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In late July, my stbx and I discussed our separation. I have not moved forward with the paperwork because of 3 kids, school starting, birthdays, etc. Now, I am ready to give him the papers and want him out. However, he has told me that he can’t afford it, can’t get an apt. (bad credit,) can’t afford child support, blah blah blah. Question #1 - What is a reasonable timeline to expect him to leave (given that this conversation took place 2 1/2 months ago.) I don’t think he took me seriously until about 3 weeks ago. I also don’t think he’s going to go willingly because I’m his crutch, he has lost numerous jobs, etc. Question #2 - if he won’t leave, is it accurate that I’ll file papers, and if he won’t sign, a hearing will take place?