Refusal to allow therapy


As ive said before two of my three daughters attend weekly therapy for developmental and anxiety disorders. My ex who is considered primary parent has decided the girls will no longer go to therapy because he said so. I have given him all test records that state the importance and benefits of therapy, esp coping skills. This is both school and doctor recommended for my girls. Can I use my exs refusal to allow my girls to get therapy to file an ex parte and TRO?

He has had nothing to do with their therapy or any appts till now when he decided to no longer let me take them. Its for their best interest which he refuses to support.

Also, do my girls need to physically be with me to file or can I do it while they are in school?


I talked again to ex about therapy and this time his gf got on the phone and started cussing and threatening me. This was in front of my kids as I could hear them in the background and it was upsetting them. My ex just let it happen. My girls do not need to hear someone threaten their mom, and I do not allow anyone to threaten or make disparaging remarks about their dad while they are with me. It also worries me immensely if she will threaten me, then are my kids being threatened or worse also. Is there any action I can take to make sure that does not happen?


The children do not need to physically be with you when you file a motion. It might be a leap to argue that since your ex-husband’s girlfriend threatened you that you believe she will threaten the children, but if you have true concerns, you should also explore this in your motion.