Rental income


Anything that was bought during the marriage will be split 50/50, If you have income property then you shall get a portion of the money, My ? is do you have kids, who has them and how did he put you out the house?


The rental income should count as divisible property and you should receive half of it. However, in my case, I received none of the divisible property. I hope you have better luck than I did.


The way he put me out was to take advantage of a trip I took to vivit a frien at the coast. The visit was a spur of the moment thing after he had said some hurtful things one day and I needed some emotional support. While there I had car trouble and called him for money to replace an electronic part. He refused to help, knowing I had no way to get the repair and that I would be stranded. This turned a long weekend trip into about 6 days while I jumped through hoops with my credit card co. to raise my limit so I could get the repair. In the meantime, he had called his mother to come up from GA to help w/the kids since I had “up and left”. When I fimally got back to town, he said that his mother was there and since she never liked me anyway and now was even more hostile toward me due to my absence, meybe I should hang out somewhere until she went home (supposedly 2 more days). The 2 days became an extended stay where she held a prayer session to decide whether he should end this (in her opinion) never-meant-to be marriage…While I waited for her to leave, he suddenly got an atty, filed for divorce from b&b based on abandonment, and told me that if I came home I would be arrested for domestic criminal trespass. He then called the fathers of my two older kids and told them to get their kids because I did not live there anymore, sent our kids to GA for the summer, and told all our friends and my family that I abandoned him and the kids. I had no money since he was in charge of all thie finances…therefore could not hire an atty, ran up all my credit cards living in hotels, am now homeless and therefore can’t get custody or even visitation. He even kept our 10k tax refund for himself while he knew I was eating soup I made from ketchup packets. How bad does this suck?


if i were you i would go to an attorney and ask that the attorney sue your husband for attorney’s fees. Have your attorney file a show cause for domestic abuse and try to show that your husband was emotionally abusive to you and drove you out of the house. ask the court for custody of your children and argue that he is unfit due to his emotionally abisive nature. try to go live with the friend that you stayed with (if possible) or somewhere else, relargless of where as long as it is stable. then your kids can come see you. Good luck he sounds like a real jerk.


My husband put me out of the house and claimed I abandoned him last May. We finally went to court today and due to the fact that he had an atty and I did not, he was granted a Divorce from Bed and Board and I was denied post sep support although I was not working at the time he tricked me into leaving the house. He always handled all the money so I was out with zilch. He kept a 10k tax refund when he knew I had no food and the judge did nothing about it! She said that it would be addressed in our equitable dist. later. It just now dawned on me that he has also been receiving rental income for 3 rental houses during the time I’ve been put out. Am I entitled to 1/2 f the rental income from these properties, or is that something that will also be addressed at ed? I don’t think that would be fair since the net profit would not necessarily become an asset, as he is free to spend it, and my understanding is that ed looks at assets at the time of sep. What to do?