Running out of money

I am 4 years into my separation of property. We are divorced and that is it. My ex pays his atty fees out of OUR company money (I do not have access to this) and I have to pay from my own income. I have run out of money to pay my atty fees. We have quite a bit of equity in our marital home( which I live in). Is it possible to go to court and have them allow for me to borrow against our equity so that I can pay my fees? Also, since he does not have to pay his fees with his income (which is being evaluated by a FA), would it be unreasonable to ask for him to be required to pay 1/2 the loan when all is finished? I could certainly use some strong advice on how to handle the situation. He has unlimited funds, where I do not. I believe he is able to fight forever, since he does not have the financial hit and stress that I do. Any advice as to how I can handle this?

You can file a motion for Interim Distribution of property to get some cash to pay your attorney. This will be the best way for you to get some money out of that company, or other property. There is no statutory provision for a party to be awarded atty’s fees in ED.