Separation Agreement TROUBLES


Please help- this is from my spouse in the separation agreement- I don’t want to agree to a car or college because 8 years from now I won’t know if I am financially able to help with a car, pay auto insurance or help send my kid to college- please look at the 2 statements and tell me if by signing my name I am agreeing to support college and the purchase of a car? I wanted to add, if financially able to the 2 paragraphs but he is not going for that. Does the 2 paragraphs below leave any word for discussing in the future or by signing am I agreeing to provide something?

College for minor child. It is agreed that both Mother and Father will discuss and agree on financial arrangements to support continuing education for the child. Both parties agree to participate equally to ensure the child has every opportunity for continued education and will work together in her best interest at that time.

Purchase of Automobile and Auto Insurance for minor child: Driving is a privilege and at such time that the minor child reaches driving age each parent will discuss and agree on an amount to contribute to the purchase of a car and auto insurance


The language regarding college expenses seems to require each party to match the contribution of the other party. I would advise against agreeing to such a provision, at best it is vague and will likely be the subject of further dispute down the road.

The language regarding the car requires you to agree to an amount, with no other guide, it could be as much or as little as you can provide at the time.