Hello my question is that I have been married to a military man for 26 years. He informed me on July 25 2009 that he wasn’t happy and wanted a sepration/divorce. He left this house on July 25 2009 at 2.30pm and drove to Va. We are in the city of Cumberland County. We have come to some conclusions on agreements, but we do not see eye to eye on Allimony. I do not have a permanant job. I work for the post school system as a training instructor and I work when a teacher is out. When school is out then I do not work. He has been the sole provider of this family for over 26 years. He is getting ready to deployed to the war zone and is wanting to come to an agreement on these Separation papers. He is wanting to put the house up for sale before he has to report to texas on Jan 10 2010. I need someone in the Fayetteville area that can help me with my legal rights as far as what I am fully entitled to from the army views and the civilan views. He has control over the check book and I have took my half from the bank account and put into a personal account for me and my two daughters to move when he gets his orders. I know this can be costly and with no job I really need the assistant of someone to help me get what I am due. one min he says he has felt this way 8 years to 17 years. I told him if he felt this way 17 years ago then he should have done something then instead of prolonging me and his two daughters. Both girls are over the age of 18. Can you please recommend someone for me to go to. My husband seems to be acting out in anger and I really can use some help.



I am so sorry to hear that your husband is putting you in such a bad position. Please contact our office by phone or email and our client liaison will be happy to refer you to an attorney in your area.