Spouse evicted out of Home Domestic violence

It sounds like you are on the right path to resolving these issues. Your evidence of his adultery and his physical and mental abuse should be used in your claim for alimony as well as in your custody case, if it has affected your daughter. You should be able to get the court to distribute the debts, but you need to talk to your lawyer as well as a bankruptcy attorney about how to protect yourself in the bankruptcy.

Good luck!

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My sitution is similar to other members postings, however my spouse has continous over 26 years of marriage he belittled me and assaulted me many times. At that point, I had the deputy address him and I we served in with a lawsuit. My attorney helped me with a( 50-b Exparta Order )After two months out of the home he was caught with a long time friend that lives only three miles from us. He changed his work schedule nights from day shift in March of this year??? He came home late very often like 5.00 & 6.00 a.m. in the morning. I caught him late Three nights at this girls home. We are scheduled for court in Jan, 2003. This took place on Dec 5th, 2003. The very next day we were scheduled for a mandtory parenting class to support mediation, which we did attend but I was vey angry and not happy to sit thur that for four hours, but I forced myself to do so!? The very next night he switched vehilcles, and was caught again two nights in a row at 4.00 a.m. in the morning but driving his cousin vehicle, which is a Toyota truck with a confederate flag across the back glass. It is very easy to identify, not to mention the loud muffler. Sounds like a airplane coming down the road. He was parked in a vacant driveway next door to her home, I waited and went back about 40 minutes later and the bathroom and her bedroom light was on. Then about 30 minutes late I watched him walk to the truck and drive away. Pretty good disguise wouldn,t think??I am sueing for Divorce from Bed and Board, Post Seperation, and Alimony & Child support.My complaint was filed in Sept, 2003. In the answer to his complaint, he acused me of adultry which I have never done or even thought to do. He is trying to get Joint custody of my 14 year old daughter that she wants nothing to do with him. ssShe is very angry with hi over this adultry issue. I confronted the girl by phone and she took charges out on me for a Harrassing phone call. I call it a acknowledgement call! I have given this to my attorney. We filed a chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Feb, 2002 and will complete it at the end of 36 months. We have only a $100 payment to our trustee. Practically he has abandon me & my daughter. Is it possible to make him pay his part of the loans that are in his name, espically where the Chapter 13 plan is concerned??He always said I will not pay you alimony and that I would never put him behind bars, but look what happen, I got smart! Would be interested to see what your thoughts on this issue would be. (North carolina)[?][?]</font id=“size1”></font id=“Arial Black”>