Spouse refusing visitation what to do?

I have been separated since early February. My spouse ended up taking me to court and I’ve financially exhausted my resources to afford an attorney - and I’m the supporting spouse. My estranged spouse has the children and is essentially denying me access to them. She refuses to agree to a visitation or custody agreement. We go to mediation in a couple of months, but I want visitation now and I want rights. I want to be with my children. What can I do? Can I bring her to court without an attorney and have the court make a ruling?

If you have a claim pending for temporary custody you may schedule a hearing and the court will make a ruling and set a schedule. It is not necessary that you have an attorney.

So…I had my TPA heard by the court and received the minimum visitation that I was desiring! However, I could have done much better if the evidence that I brought along could have been used. The judge mumbled something about following the correct procedure for submitting evidence. Since I have a fool for a lawyer (me - which is a lovely way to explain someone that can’t afford a lawyer and fought in two wars for this country) , how do I establish evidence? Do I go to the clerk of court? Any further help would be appreciated!

I am thrilled to hear you now have access to your children!
At your next hearing you will have the opportunity to present evidence, a TPA is often a very short hearing in which only the testimony of the parties can be heard, and briefly at that. What type of evidence do you hope to submit?