Spouse threatening to get me fired


Dear nextex:

Greetings. Working overseas for a while sounds fun, but divorces in foreign countries would not do for me - with women having to ask for permission first, etc. What would I ever do with myself? LOL

Yes, you can ask the court for a temporary restraining order, and a permanent injunction against her contacting anyone at your employer. I would not put up with her crazy tactics. I would also think about the possibility of suing his mistress for alienation or affection and criminal conversation…as being sued can sometimes make all the difference in whether or not you are threatened. Thank you.

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Caught my spouse cheating and I filed for a divorce. Spouse & mistress are threatening to get me fired from my job. I’ve never done anything illegal or anything that doesn’t adhere to company policy. I hold a management position. But spouse knows that company execs are sensitive about corporate image and obviously personal issues have no place at work. Senior execs have already backed me up and understand my spouse’s motivations but NC is a fire at will state so they could just get fed up with my spouse and ask me to leave. Is there anything I can do to protect myself? By the way, our human resources manager said this type of thing is becoming almost commonplace (thanks to 401Ks, retirement accounts, benefit issues, child support enforcement, overnight business travel, etc.) and last year we had several employees pulled into the middle of a messy child custody case. It’s no wonder that many employers are turning to temp agencies, off-site contractors and overseas labor!