Stay At Home Mom

I have been a stay at home mom since our 2nd child was born, about 1.5 yrs. Since then my personal money is gone and use our joint cc’s when shopping. I am no longer happy in our marriage and want a divorce. I feel trapped however. I have no way of paying for a consult without him finding out. With no money and no job, I feel he will use this to try and take the children from me even though I have always been the primary caregiver, even when working, and he barely participates. What resources are available to me to help me get out of this marriage? He has said he won’t agree to a divorce…that I made me bed, now I get to lie in it, even though its his actions that have ruined our marriage. I dont want the children to get caught in the middle and is the reason why I have stayed as long as I have. Where can I go from here?

It sounds like you would be entitled to PSS and alimony, unfortunately if you are unable to reach an agreement about support, your only recourse is to file an action for PSS and alimony. It will take several months before your case will get heard, so you will need to be able to support yourself in the interim (consider getting a credit card or a loan).