I didn’t want to go into the legal side and ask of this of you. Is there a way we can talk through IM or emails? I have so much to say and ask. I spent over two hours writting something in my thread yesterday, that when it was time to post it, I lost it all. I didn’t have time to sit and retype it all again.

Thank you


I’m so sorry I haven’t seen this sooner. It’s been difficult for me to get on this forum and go through all these posts some days and for any of us who have been on here a while, you realize that you can’t read them all. I have an e-mail that I set up several years ago for this. I had thought it was still linked to the “signature” on here but they may have changed that. I am not certain when you said your case was, but I believe it was soon so I understand if you no longer need this but, my e-mail is: [color=#0000FF][/color].