Suing my attorney!

I am suing my divorce attorney Neely Moked, in small claims court for breach of contract. She is bringing my ex-husband’s attorney, Rawle Pantaleon, as a witness against me. He currently has a case against me in supreme court regarding the refinancing of the home. Neely and Rawle have always had a thicker than thieves relationship in my contested divorce. Is this a conflict of interest in small claims court? Can he testify against me if he has a separate case against me? Has/is my client attorney relationship being violated by Ms. Moked in any way? Are any of my rights being violated? I am not an attorney. I am a wife, mother of four, grandmother of four and I find Ms. Moked’s lack of professional responsibility and ethics distasteful and I want justice to be served.

I am suing Ms Moked because she was paid in full but dropped the ball and for ten more months of a five year case I had to do the remaining footwork and submissions, legal filings, serve summons, and paying court fees, with the help of court clerks who took pity on me. I did all the things Ms. Moked was paid to do but failed to do so the judge could sign off and issue my divorce. I got my own divorce.


This is beyond the scope of this forum, but I can refer you to the State Bar for help. Here is the number: 919-828-4620.

54 views and not one answer to ANY of my questions. Is there not one attorney here brave enough to respond to any of my questions? Is there an unspoken code of silence rather than speak out loud of one of your own’s possible wrong doing? I’m not an attorney but I know right from wrong. Thank you, respectively, but I need more than just the number to the state bar. I need answers. Why is this not the forum?

This forum is intended to answer general questions about family law issues. I cannot answer specific questions relating to issues you have had with representation you have received.