Track-out camp - daycare or extracurricular expense?

Per my consent order I’m to pay for the first $1200 of my children’s extracurricular activities - and my question is whether a track-out camp run by the city of Knightdale can legally be included. My ex’s position is that it’s NOT and it should be considered a daycare expense instead. Who is right?

Thanks in advance!

And to add a little context - I work from home so I don’t require them to attend track-out camp to perform my job. It’s just I’d rather have the kids do something educational and fun rather than have them watch me take meetings all day.

Hi - bumping this up…thanks.

It really depends on what your consent order says - does it define extracurricular activities or address track-out camps at all? More often than not I include track-out camps as part of work-related child care costs (similar to daycare) and extracurricular activities refer to summer camps and sports. But ultimately the language in the Order controls.