Travel expenses

It is court ordered that my husband pay his ex-wife a predetermined amount to cover her travel expenses in getting the children to the exchange point for our summer visitation. I have sent her the check via certified mail with return receipt requested so I can track it online, as she has previously claimed to not receive the money. When I have sent her correspondence previously she has refused to sign for anything and refuses to go to the post office to sign for it as she claims it’s an inconvenience for her. However this is the only way to track the package and have written proof that it was sent on time and that it has arrived on time. I’m sure she won’t sign for the money despite crying poverty every chance she can get. My question is when she doesn’t sign for this and it gets returned to us do I have to try to send this to her again or have we satisfied our legal obligation to get her the money prior to the trip?


You need to send the check again. Go ahead and send it regular mail. You will have proof that she has cashed it in the form of a bank statement.