Travel out of state or Virgin Islands

My daughter and her ex have a separation agreement that only addresses 50/50 custody
and holidays. It doesn’t mention vacations. They are divorced. My ex son-in-law plans to take my 11 year old granddaughter out of state; maybe even the US Virgin Islands for a week in June. He refuses to give my daughter any info re: the trip and has told my granddaughter she is not to tell. Isn’t he required to provide info to her re: the trip? Things such as departure and return and destination. I even read for USVI a notarized stmt is required from the other parent giving permission.
Any info or advice will be greatly appreciated.
Concerned Grandma

If there isn’t any language in the separation agreement requiring either party to disclose details about vacations, he isn’t breaching anything by not doing so. I am not familiar with the any parental consent laws required by the USVI government.

If he refuses to provide the details, I would suggest she work towards renegotiating the separation agreement to address this for future travel, or that she file for custody and work towards including having travel/vacation more clearly spelled out in the court order.

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