Why don’t you apply for custody?

i plan on filing for custody. i am just scared that during the process once they get the papers they will not let me see her. i had to call social services yesterday becasue she had bruises everywhere. i dont know what they are gonna do bout that

please help im desperate

I’m not sure that understand. You say that daughter is being abused and you have contacted SS. What else have you done? Have you files an Ex Parte order?

they cannot block your court ordered visitation. If they do get the paperwork, take it to the sheriff have him meet you at the location where your child is. If they some how make visitation impossible and you have a court order, you can take them to court for not following the order. Have you contacted the school councelor? You can’t be scared for yourself… be brave for you baby girl. Do not let you’re ex’s family bully you too. If what you say is true, the child is not in an environment that is safe for her. You need to get her out. As her momma, it is your job to keep her safe and healthy. If your family doesn’t want to get involved because of potential violence, that is their choice… but you have to. You are her momma. If you feel you are in danger for standing up to them, file a protective order. BUT DO NOT LET THEM TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS. It will not be easy. Talk to the school councelor (yes… beating this dead horse) they can help you in numerous ways… keeping tabs on the daily health/safety of your daughter, directing you into programs that can help you and her both financially and emotionally, documentation of the abuse for ss and the courts, letting your child know that someone does love her enough to fight for her life. She’s seven, getiing physically beaten, shuttled around from family memeber to family member, her momma gets upset over seeing bruises (she may hide them in the future to keep you from being upset), three younger siblings that she may see being abused too. Eating must be painful with a mouthful of cavities. Then there is the emotional… what is she being told about herself? If what you say is true about her physical environment, she is not getting the message that she can grow up to be anything she puts her mind to. Remember she is in the custody of the grandmother… you do not have to battle you’re ex for custody… you have to battle the grandmother. That is not to say that your ex won’t fight you for custody, but that is his choice. You need to act… “this gonna file for custody” could turn into… “Only I had filed in time… babygirl would be safe”

no i do not have custody right now. her great grandmother is 69 years old but looks to be around 90. she weighs 87 lbs and my ex and his new wife have 3 kids not including ours together they just throw those kids off on her to, so she has children everyday with the ages of 7, 4, 2, &4 months i have family that can vouch for me, they just dont wanna get involved, because my ex is dangerous. i am a former medical specialist in the uscg so yes i am mentally stable. i have a 5 bedroom house.