Verbal agreement re PSS reneged

We have been separated 8 months (I was forced out by his violent behavior), which has had dire financial repercussions for me (including losing my job due to the chaos, disruption and emotional trauma). I have been advised that I am a dependent spouse and entitled to postseparation support, but have not filed due to extenuating circumstances. I repeatedly threatened to file, citing his marital misconduct, which might have had consequences for his professional licensure, but he got me to agree to back down by offering me $500 a month until the divorce hearing. There is no written agreement, though I have emails from him that clearly suggest that he was offering to do this, and a copy of the 1 check for $500 he wrote me to get me to back off filing. I am still not in a position to go through the ordeal and expense of filing (I want to make full use of my evidence). Take him to small claims court to get him to follow through on his offer?