Separation while financially dependent


What suggestions do you have for one who wants to initiate separation, but is financially dependent on her spouse? I lost my job due to reduction in force and have been unable to obtain employment. At this juncture, I can’t afford to move out.I am in what could be described as an emotionally /mentally abusive marriage, which got worse when I became unemployed. Bottom line, he knows that I have no financial options. This is making me physically ill and the time has come to make a change. Any suggestions?


You can attempt to negotiate a settlement agreement with him that includes support.


Would it hurt me in the long run to move out ( with help of family /friends), then file SA in which I seek financial support? I can not negotiate with someone who is on various meds and suffers from depression, but who refuses professional help.


You may wish to file a claim for Post-Separation Support (PSS) and the court will determine what amount, if any, you can obtain from your spouse after it reviews all of the facts. To obtain PSS, you must be able to show that you are in fact a dependent spouse. PSS is awarded as temporary alimony before the assets are finally distributed.