Verbal/Email Abuse


I am constantly being accused of putting thoughts into my daughters head, because the biological father that has been missing for over 5.5 years total is having trouble bonding with our child. Since he, stated he never really had a father figure in his life… would it not make since that he is having a little difficulty? As much as I try, to assist the child in bonding with them. It is never to their satisfaction. I am accused of everything, from filling her head with things to making her not be able to sleep at night at their home during visitation. I have sole custody.
My question is… Do I have any recouse for leggally filing charges of verbal abuse,to the step mother it is always in the form of a email. Their is no proof of this being any type of truth to it at all. My only response to their accusations has been silence, because talking about it, only stirrs them up more. It is like I am not allowed to say anything at all, because it only makes matters worse, and I have no right answers …but get blamed for everything… however, I am the only one that has been their for my daughter the entire nine years… and we have a EXtremely strong bond…because of some earlier health issues. Need help… I know how to make it worse…Just dont know how to make it better!


Whether the stepmother’s words or actions constitutes abuse, is not a family law issue. If you really are concerned with stopping her actions, you may want to seek help elsewhere. If your concerns are about the actual accusations, document your efforts to help the child bond with her father and keep track of their false accusations. If this matter returns to court, and their accusations truly are baseless, they will have no evidence against you.