Violating against 50b


I have a 50b against my ex it includes me and also my child. The order does state that we can email in regards to the child. He has send some nasty emails but they have always been about the child. He is constantly threating me with calling DSS on me and he tells me he has a PI following me. He has called the house or my cell and left messages in regards to child or to talk to the child (3 times). On the order he was to turn in the firearms but he went to another state and the cops showed up because he was drinking and acting foolish they took the gun away from him but he was not charged with anything because it did not occur in North Carolina. I took the child out of state for vacation which I am allowed to do and in our papers it says to give advance notice which I emailed him with the information a couple of hours before we left. He texted me about 30 times, he left two messages on my cell number and called the home number and left a message in regards to the trip about how he needed more information about the trip and how he wanted me to see his family while I was there. While there my child called him but kept losing the cell siginal finally my child spoke with him told him everything was okay and my ex called the cops to check the welfare of the child. The cops said everything was okay with child and they checked the papers and I did nothing wrong. I have talked to him on the phone trying to resolve some of the issues for the sake of our child and have tape recorded some of them in the past month. My question is can I violate him on any of these or do I just keep documetating everything?


If he is calling you and making threats of any kind you may go to court and file a motion to show cause for his violations of the Order.