Husband traded me for MY DAUGHTER


My husband evicted me with a 50B. He claimed that I was suicidal and that I had threatened to kill him. I had thought that there was something going on with him and my daughter lately. I had to leave on with10/10/14 with no where to live except in my car. According to my neighbors she moved in the next day. What can I do. We were together 22 years and married 19 of them.


I assume that your daughter is not your husband’s daughter as well, and also that your daughter has reached the age of majority. If either of this assumptions is incorrect you need to be looking for a criminal remedy. If there is a valid 50(b) order in place, you cannot violate the 50(b); it will be up for renewal after a year, and if your husband seeks to have it continued you have the right to defend yourself. I’m not sure I can give you any advice beyond just that you cannot violate the 50(b). If you have specific questions, feel free to ask them but I can’t really offer advice based on the limited facts you have shared.