Yes you need a complaint to go along with the summons so that your ex will know what’s she’s being summoned for. There are some complaint examples on this website. Just edit them to suit your needs and stick to the format.


i been trying to file for visitations on my owni have done some research …i have the civil summons paper the order to calendar custody or visitation dispute paper the domestic civil action cover sheet and a petition to sue as an indigent paper …but they tell me im missing 1 …and the only 1 i can think of is the custody complaint paper but i cant find it…im not a rich man and child support is killing me …i had it lowered today cause im currently attending college full time and i work part time waiting tables… and because i had it lowered today she says i will never see my daughter again …i cant afford a lawyer so i come to yall for some guidence …all i want is visitations and to be in my daughters life…she is my whole world…i dont know what to do no more…i feel like i should just go over there and take her and not look back …but im trying to do this the legal way …but the way the courts make me feel when i try to file makes me wanna just go take her more…i dont know what to do no more .im backed into a corner and cant get out…help me please[:(]