W-2's and a disappearing ex?

Hi there, I have two questions which are interrelated. First, my soon-to-be ex-husband and I had been getting along very well, sharing joint custody, etc. However, about two months ago he began drinking (he is a recovering alcoholic). He made suicidal threats, and I ended up calling the police and having him taken to the hospital. He was admitted into the psych ward for a week. When he got out, everything seemed fine. But he began drinking again later that week. He called me that same week and asked me to pick him up from the jail. He had been stopped for a DWI (Level 2, probably). He was using a car registered to me, but it was not insured under me. I refused to pick him up and he hung up. I couldn’t reach him for a week. Finally got in touch and told him I needed to get the plates or sign the car over to him. He agreed. After not hearing from him again (he wouldn’t respond to calls, texts or emails) for over a week, I received another call from the hospital saying he was found in the car by police passed out and had been taken in for detox. That was three weeks ago. He is not answering the phone, emails. He has not answered the door when I drive by (and it appears no one is there) and my car is not there. He missed his daughters’ birthday (and he was an involved dad). The police have no record of a new ticket, so no one knows where my car is. At what point do I ask for a welfare check on him? Do I report him missing? How can I get my plates off the car so he doesn’t end up killing someone while driving? Could I be held liable for anything he does with the car even though it isn’t insured under me?

Additionally, we were supposed to file married filing jointly for taxes this year. However, since I can’t get hold of him, I don’t know how to get his W-2. If I file separately, I will lose thousands of dollars in EIC, which I need to buy another car. Is there any way to file jointly without his W-2 or is there any way to get his W-2? I moved out in August of last year, so I can’t file as head of household, I believe.

Any answers I can get would be much appreciated.

Ok, part of this problem has been solved. I found out that he has checked himself into a treatment center - very relieved. However, no one knows where my car is (drove by there today, not at his apartment) and I am unsure how to get the W-2’s?

So, questions now are: can I get the W-2’s from anyone other than him given that I am listed as his wife; and how do I get my car back? Report it stolen? Additionally, can I be held responsible if he has had any other accidents in the vehicle (again, it isn’t insured by me but the title is in my name)?

Thank you.

Truthfully, most of the questions are outside the scope of this forum. Locating and possessing the vehicle while he is in treatment is not a divorce related issue. I would call the non-emergency police number and get some advice about the missing vehicle from them. Your question about the insurance issue is best directed at the insurance provider. As far as the w-2 issue goes, you have to file under the “married” status until you are legally divorced. You can ask the IRS for an extension to give yourself more time to locate it, perhaps he will share it when he is out of treatment. If you are never able to recover it the IRS has certain rules about filing without the W-2. I would contact them or read through some of the information on their website.