What am I supposed to do?


I was married in 2002 my spouse and I have been separated since January 2005 we don’t have any document for separation I also come back to my country in January 2005, in June 2005 he come to visited me once and it was the last time I have seen him and he didn’t come to visit me anymore.

in year 2008 I ask him to divorce and he said he would file the document for me and when I ask for the case he said he did it already and it takes time at least 6 months and until now there is nothing happen it’s over a year he keep telling me that he would do his own to be cheap way (but when??)…and I believe him so, but nothing worked out I can contact him only one way by e-mail and when I called him by the phone he didn’t answer and he also moved from where I used to live with him now I don’t know where he live I don’t have his address…and now I am pretty sure that he will not do anything to divorce…it’s my first marriage and divorce I don’t know how to do it if I can do the process myself…

for divorce I didn’t ask for anything from him just let me be free and also he didn’t support me for long time ago and we have no children together…I have contact to the lawyer here but it’s cost me too much which is I don’t have that much money to do so, can I file my divorce at US embassy?..please give me some advice I don’t know what to do I am so depressed about this …please help me. Thank you very much in advance.


You must file for divorce in the county and state in which your spouse resides, or where he was last known to reside. Divorce is a state claim and cannot be pursued through federal avenues. There is a video on this website that may help you understand the process as it works in North Carolona, and many counties in North Carolina offer self serve clinics which provide do it your self divorce packets.


Thank you very much for your advice…I have one more question to ask, I am now living in Thailand how can I do that…because seem like I have to take the form after I fill it out to the court??


You may hire an attorney in the US to handle the divorce for you.