What are my rights in north carolina

I make very little income because it goes for health insurance .I bring home one hundred dollars for 40 hours.My husband makes around a thousand a week. He has often left myself and two children for three or more days the last ten years with no money .He also cashes a support check in my name every month. Last year I had a order of protection because he threatened to kill me which you guessed it I dropped at the hearing.I am ready to move on but I DON’T KNOW MY RIGHTS.He has not paid our mortgage since last year and has hidden the money.The house will be going into foreclosure.I need help desperately.THANK YOU

You are entitled to child support, and likely spousal support and attorneys fees. I suggest you meet with a lawyer in the immediate future to create a plan of action.

So will I need to pay the lawyers fee to speak to them about divorce. As I have explained he has complete control of all money.

Some lawyers offer free consultations and can help you work out a plan of action for obtaining money from your spouse for support and attorney’s fees.