What happens if divorce is awarded


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Greetings. What interesting questions you ask…here goes the answers:

  1. No. You must first show the court that you have tried service by certified mail and sheriff prior to service by publication. You must also perform a good faith search for your ex. Simply not knowing is not enough.

  2. Yes, sometimes.

  3. They don’t. Remember that if alimony and equitable distribution are not settled OR litigation is not filed for these claims prior to divorce, you both lose the right to these claims after the divorce.

  4. In some cases a long separation may diminish your chances for alimony, but it depends on the circumstances. The bigger question in my mind is how much alimony is anyone really going to get after only 2.5 years of marriage? Probably not enough to file a lawsuit over. Best of luck.

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Hi all,
Short questions:
1.If I apply for divorce and say that I do not know where my ex is so I serve notice on the newspaper, does that make the divorce decision faster to obtain?

2.If I get divorce based on service in the newspapers,can a spouse come later and say that I knew where that spouse was staying and have the divorce reversed?

3.If divorce service is through newspapers,at what stage do parties discuss matters of settlement like alimony?

4.Is it true that the longer the separtion period the more likely that one will not get alimony?If for example we lived together 2.5 years then have been separated 2 years, can one get alimony?

Thanks in advance for your help.