What if he won't participate in the divorce?

Make sure you keep all documents on the attempts to find your ex os when it comes before the judge he will probably grant the divorce.

I recently filed for divorce in November, I can not track down my husband. I tried to have papers served at his mother’s house but she moved and the sheriff could not locate him. I will try to have the papers served to his father’s house. Not that it is his family’s responsiblity, but the family is not close and I know they will not help me in this situation. I don’t have a lot of money or time to try to track him down. I guess I need to know about advertising in the newspapers. Will doing this insure that I will get the divorce? I know that my husband is in Atlanta but he is still registered as a resident of NC, where should I advertise? I am so frustrated about this because he knows that I filed but he doesn’t seem too interested in finding out what he needs to do. I recently moved back to Atlanta also so I am not thrilled about having to appear in court. I filed in Wake County.