What to do with wifes personaly Belongings?!?!


The best thing you can do is box it up and store it, find out where she resides, send her a certified letter( you get a copy) stating how long she has to retrieve her belongings and she needs to be accompanied by Law Enforcements.


But I don’t know where is. She’s gone.


I didn’t think about email. She has a email account can I send a email too her? Because the forwarding message will have a time stamp on it. She is the only one with the password. Can that be used sence I don’t have a address or even a phone number?


Hello I have a question me and my wife have been separated all most 2 months now. My question is my wife basicly abondon her stuff. and Left with out a separation agreement. About 3 weeks ago she came and got most of it. After that I have not herd from her sence have no way of comminucationing with her now. I did offer to put her stuff in storage for 2 months but I told her after the 2 months she would be responcible for the storage fees. Sence she has not contacted me on what to do with her stuff how much time does she have before she forfits it? Because I can’t keep ahold of this stuff for a full year. All I want to do is move on with my life. Can I place a add in the paper telling her she has so much time to pick up her stuff or she forfits it. Because I can’t keep ahold of it because I don’t know if I might ever have to move out of state for work. What can I do?