What will happen?

no replies?? surely someone can help.

To your question concerning seeing other people during the separation, technically you’re not suppose to “date” during this period. But the reality of it is, what happens, happens. As for your second question, you perhaps might want to got the route I went. That being, a legal separation. With that, you and your wife should sit down a figure out the “terms” of what is to be with regards to separation, division of property, assets, bills, support currently and future etc. You can have anything you want stated in the “agreement”. You get it all down on paper, you both have to sign it, and then have it notarized. You’ll have to get a lawyer to draw up the papers. Mine cost me 350.00. That was the starting price and would of gone up had there been complications or more to it. Fortunately for me, both my wife and I agreed on everything and there wasn’t any haggling back and forth. Some lawyers will charge more. Shop around.

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I’ve been married for 5 yrs and am thinking about getting seperated. I know in NC you have to be separated for a yr b4 the divorce is final. What else should I know about the process? We have a 4 yr old daughter too. What monies could my wife go after as far as child support? I think we’d have a peaceful separation/divorce once we got over the emotion of the reality of it. We have talked about this in the past but it has not gone byond just talking. I chalk this up to “irreconcilable differences”. We have gone through counseling and it helped a tiny bit but i think we are too far gone for that again. I’m ready to get out.

Also, during the 1 yr separation can you see other people or does that affect the separation terms?

I’d like to know what to expect to have to provide for her during separation and after the divorce.