Wife using kids to extort money

The court order, with my ex-wife, says that I am to pay her Child Support and Alimony. I am current on both and have never missed. She now has gone back to work and wants me to pay her Early Care cost, which is not part of the current order. I have told her that I will not pay her, and that if she want me to pay, she will need to file a motion to modify. (Our order was just signed last year)

Tonight, my daughter called me crying, saying that their Mother said that they will need to get up by themselves, eat, get ready for school themselves, and get on the bus. She also said, that Mom said that if she missed the bus, she will be in very big trouble. My daughters are 8 and 11. All because “Dad is refusing to give me money for Early Care.”

Also, a few weeks ago, my ex said she wanted me to start paying for the kids over the counter medicines. (I already pay medical, as in our court order) Again, I told her no, because it is not part of order. The next night, my daughter calls me and says, “Mom said that you have to buy me Claritin, or I won’t get any.” Allergies.

My question: Is there anything I can do in this situation? This seems to border on extortion. She is not only putting my kids in the middle of this, but telling them I’m refusing to help her out, when in reality, I’m giving her plenty of money. I’ve refrained from discussing this with my kids, because I want to protect them, but she is continuing to push through them. Is there any legal recourse that I have or any form of complaint I can file? She is a very angry woman towards me, and I have some fear that she may hurt the children to get to me. I’d prefer not to have to retain a lawyer to do this, so hoping there’s an agency I can call.

Thank you.

I suggest you file a motion for judicial assistance to prevent her from continuing to alienate the children.

Thank you for responding.

Can I file this myself, or do I need to retain an attorney?

You can proceed without an attorney.