Will a notirized agreement stand up in court


My husband and I may have come to somewhat of an agreement for seperation and child visitation without taking it to court right now. I would like to know, if we agree on visitation, equitable distribution and support for our son and I was to type this up and have it notirized and then file it with the courts, will that be considered a legal document and will it stand in court? I am a little hesitant about the whole thing. I did explain to my spouse, that if we did this and I had seen this effect my son or his school (the visitation part )then I will go do this the correct way. The only reason I am doing the seperarion this way, is because right now I can not afford it and my spouse wants to keep it out of court. I am ready to type this right now, I just want to make sure this can be changed if needed. Thank you for your response.