Would this be considered child neglect?


Let’s say a child lives in a very nice neighborhood, has brand name clothes, gets the latest toys and gadgets, has pretty good grades in school, goes to regular doctor, dental, and nutritionist appointments, takes karate twice a week, is enrolled in day and overnight camps, and there is no signs of physical abuse or withholding food from the child yet other things seem off… for example the child often gets yelled at or ignored when she needs help, nobody in the home willtalk to her about struggles she has, her uncle walks around her in just underwear and it makes her uncomfortable, her clothes while pricey are often dirty, smell, don’t fit right and have holds in them, she is not made to bathe as she should and often has hair that is greasy, dirty, tangled, and even has food in it, when child is upset enough to bang her head on the wall or floor the people in the house walk around or step over her instead of seeing what’s wrong, because of her clothes and hair she is ridiculed by her peers at school and self-esteem is being damaged, also when she tries to tell her parent the parent gets mad at her and tells her to go away, the child is also put in charge of watching her younger cousins and gets punished if they misbehave and child is only 9 years old and she rarely has anyone spend time with her, nobody has taught her to properly wash and brush her hair, or to dress appropriately for the weather and other things. Could this be considered child neglect or since she has a nice home, pricey clothes and goes to her doctor appts and all would it not be?


Child neglect is defined under different statutes for criminal and juvenile matters. Chapter 7B defines a neglected juvenile as, “a juvenile who does not receive proper care, supervision, or discipline from the juvenile’s parent, guardian, custodian, or caretaker; or who has been abandoned; or who is not provided necessary medical care; or who is not provided necessary remedial care; or who lives in an environment injurious to the juvenile’s welfare; or who has been placed for care or adoption in violation of law. In determining whether a juvenile is a neglected juvenile, it is relevant whether that juvenile lives in a home where another juvenile has died as a result of suspected abuse or neglect or lives in a home where another juvenile has been subjected to abuse or neglect by an adult who regularly lives in the home.”

If you have concerns about a child, you should make a report to child protective services, and they will make a determination as to whether further services are needed.