Alienation of Affection Law


I think the person who should get locked up and the key thrown away is the woman or man that tries to come between a marriage. Marriage can be difficult sometimes and all it takes is one vulnerable moment in the marriage for a predator (they may have other labels like Doctor, Lawyer, Family Mediator) to interfere with the marriage. I am the husband and another woman went after my wife at the most vulnerable point in our marrige. Now, I am not saying the spouse that gives in and cheats should get off the hook - that is a whole different post. The point is, what happened to “the other woman.” Before getting divorced, she worked her way through 2 other married couples. But guess what, it gets even better. This “other woman” is a marriage counselor of sorts. She got a big fat raise after her divorce and a big house. My advice from this board was to move. No, why doesn’t she move. I am not the predator. There are no consequences anymore. People can get away with anything they want, with little or no penalty. If you really want to do something, pay a lawyer 100,000 and then you can add financial ruin to your emotional ruin. The consequences for the “other woman or man” is that these people might accumulate some material possessions, but all of their relationships are always, always doomed. What a sad and lonely life, just to get laid.


Hey ncwilmington
Here here thats a good one the best is at the bottom of your post I can feel and understand what you are saying been there done that NOT me cheating but the issues the miss trust the pain the hurt that my STBX has done not just to me but my children and all who know her.
Yes a cheat is a loser and will always be a loser because for the rest of there lives they must lie and they will keep on doing this they have no way to get out of this trap.
Should my STBX pay you bet she should and the home wreaker should aswell and that is what he is a home wreaker he has been married 2 times the first cheated on him and the second left him WOW what is wrong with this guy hmmmmmmm lets think about this one.
Like you said these type of people are out there and are trying to ruin other people lives because there life sucks and they know they guilty of what they did but can not ever regain there life ever just ruin others. But now with a law suit on them butt and they lose OH boy here we go maybe the next time they will think about it and what they have done.
Thank you


Apparently, I have recently read about this law that has been around from antiquity. When dealing with such issues as another woman destroying a happy marriage, the question of who is to blame come up. The wife the cheating husband or the other woman who knew the man was married? The best answer would be the last two. However one always gets the legal book thrown at them the married male, and the woman goes off to the next married man without a conscious. I have suffered these last months thinking about ways to bring such a law back in effect and what can be done to begin this process in Florida. Interestingly, we leave such matters and say forget it or her and move on, but when does this come to an end. And why do people like myself have to suffer the consequences of woman like them?