Alienation of affection

You couldn’t have picked a better name.

No there is nothing you can do about it. It wasnt very important to you while you were ruining a marriage apparently…or you would have been at court.

Now that you have to pay it becomes more of a priority…hahaha you reap what you sew dumbass!!!

Immomgetoverit’s name speaks volumes also. I think someone’s overlooking the fact that this all boils down to money, not necessarily what’s wrong and what’s right. Just as it takes two people to make a marriage work, it usually falls apart because of the same two people. I’m sure the ex wife wasn’t completely innocent here. The fact that she went after money because her marriage ended, tells me about all I need to know about that person.
Outdone, you may be stuck with this. You might still be able to have the case re-heard, as far as an appeal, usually that has to be done within a few months of the judgement at most. Don’t let the past comment keep you away from this site. There is a lot of good information here and not everyone on this board is vendictive. Good luck to you.

Thank you hawkman. I was not the cause of her marrige falling apart and she knows that. She get her share of money from my husband. She is all about money and very vengeful. She has been harassing me for 2 years now with her lawsuits. Thats what happend to her marrage.

There is a hearing on the 30th here in FL that I have been given notice of. It appears this hearing is for the release of funds taken from my check. What should I do at this hearing?

I found this statement on this site. All of this happend to me while I was living in Atlanta. My husban came to visit me in ATL. Nothing occured in NC. Is her case valid?

yes, alienation of affection can cross state lines from North Carolina to a state that does not recognize the same as long as there is a connection to North Carolina.

IMMOMGETOVERIT probably has no life and is just like every other man or woman who chooses to place blame on a 3rd party rather than placing blame on the cheating spouse or perhaps, THEMSELVES. ANYONE who sues someone else for AOA or CC: Why dont you all get a life? Dont you want to move forward with your life, find someone else (which you never will, if you dont get over your EX which is what it all boils down to), and quit being so miserable? I honestly hope that the lady who is suing me reads this post, as I think she and anyone else who waste time and money on a frivolous lawsuit like this, is a pathetic and miserable person who wants everyone to feel sorry for them. I am amazed that people actually think they are entitled to money from a 3rd party. To the lady who is suing me: Get a life, Get a job that pays enough, and quit trying to get a dime from me, because I promise you, YOU never will.

Amen I could not have said it better. It is the most stupid law I’ve ever heard of. No on can make another grown man/woman do anything that they did not want to do in the first place. This type of case just keep old wounds open.

But now one has answered my question above. There is a court date for the 31st. It appears that she is partision the could to release the fund taken from my pay. What can or should I do?

How can you win if the party you are suing isn’t there to defend? Isn’t it supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, or is that just for criminals? She must have had some overwhelming proof to be awarded that kind of $$. Is this the first time she’s tried to get money since 2003 and winning that case?
Hopefully, an attorney will respond to this, but I would definitely suggest being at this hearing with an attorney and an appeal ready to go. It’s possible that an attorney could hold up the release of funds until the appeal is considered.

I found this on the website.

Dear waterski:

Greetings. Let me first say that although you may be a great negotiator, you are still not an attorney. Not to be funny, but attornys have to take at least one year of contract law…which means that drafting is second nature to us and we know what clauses mean that may sound completely harmless. Be careful about this.

  1. Yes, if he has no ties to North Carolina, then you may not be able to file against him.

  2. Did you look at the list of attorney referrals in different counties on our main page? There is a link there for those referrals. Please let me know if you cannot find it. Thank you.

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Dear outdone:

Greetings. Not likely. Your time for appeal, etc., are past. My suggestion is that you communicate with her attorney and see if she is willing to accept some other amount as a settlement. Your problems of traveling and inability to attend a court hearing will not be anything that would sway a judge in your favor. Thank you.

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I was sued for alienation of affection in 2003. I lived in GA at the time of the suite and could not attend the hearing. My husband’s ex-wife won the law-suite. She was awarded $160,000.00. We live in Fl now and she is tryig to garnish my wages Is there any way I can appeal this judgement or get it overturned?