Can my ex's boyfriend visit my child at school?

My ex-wife has a boyfriend (about her 3rd since our divorce several years ago). She has put her latest boyfriend on a list of approved visitors at my daughter’s (8 y/o) school. He has been visiting my daughter at her school during her lunch hour. All of this has been done without my knowledge and consent. My ex and I have joint custody. Is it legal for the school to allow this boyfriend to visit my child without my permission?

Not an attorney

If you share custody, then they DO NOT need permission from both parents. If he isn’t a danger to the kids, then it’s really fruitless on your part to prohibit him. He very well could just be a caring person who is doing his best to establish a relationship with the child of a significant other.

You COULD go to the school and request his name be taken off, HOWEVER I’m pretty sure the mom can just go back in and add him since neither of you have authority over the other. Lastly, getting into this tit-for-tat can be a slippery slope of petty actions. Unless he is a danger to your child, then I wouldn’t sweat it.

I believe that EOL gave a good answer to your question.

I am not an expert on school policy, but I would address any concerns you have with your ex-wife and the school adminstration.