Child support


LOL LOL LOL I LOL this cuz it seems nobody cares nobody will help, he is a sorry Bas%&)&^% and we whom take care of our children can get no assistance. You sound jaded just like me about the whole mess keep fighting I am doing everything to ensure the children are taken care of and he is not doing his part (as mine she is not doing her part) Keep taking him back to court till he dies maybe this will prevent the statute of limitations from ever running out if you keep getting a judgement against him … Whatever you do don’t quit …

Disbelief in the system


Dear Sickandtired:

Greetings. First, I would also recommend that you contact the U.S. Attorney where you live, as failure to pay child support is also a federal crime. In addition, you need to speak with a collections attorney, as I doubt that disability can be attached by CS Enforcement, but I could be wrong. Thank you.

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My ex-husband owes almost $30,000 in child support. I have child support enforcement involved (it is an interstate claim) but they are unable to do much as he doesn’t have a drivers license or own anything and he works “under the table”. He has filed for social security disability. My question is this, would it be possible to get some type of judgement placed on him to where I would get some money if he eventually gets a settlement either from social security or some other entity? Thanks.