Child Support


When you used the CS agency (am assuming CSE), did they take a percent of the child support?


not as far as I know. It is set up through your work place and the funds are sent to the state. They cut a check and send it to your ex.


why would you want to stop a sure thing.


My STBX owns his own business, we have it set up where the NC Child Support Enforcement Agency drafts his bank account (we agreeded on a certain amount) It is a voluntary order each month and they deposit into my bank account.

I know what you are saying Fatherdoright, but “I” don’t feel like I need to report it to everyone…get what I mean?

Maybe I should just leave it the way it is, but if I do want to change it…again my question is how do I go about it?



You peobably have to go back to court and ask for modification of CS and let the courts know that an agreement has been made between you and ex on payments and its in writing and has been signed and noterized by both parties.




Dear abused2long:

Greetings. You contact them, file a dismissal with them, or modify your current court order for him to pay you directly. Thank you.

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I receive child support thru the CS agency, if my STBX and I want to not use them and he pay me directly…what steps do we take to get them uninvolved?