The law is that a parent is not legally responsible to pay for college, period. Unless, of course, you agree to do so in a seperation agreement–then you’re out of luck.


Fatlilbeagle’s right. Most people with small kids don’t think that far in advance when drawing up documents…Thank God I did! Of course my child was nearing college age and it was a concern of mine. He pays for the first 3 years and I pay for the 4th.


in his separation agreement there is no mention of paying for college. My husband has always encouraged the children to pursue scholarships and we are prepared to speak to them about giving them $ towards their undergrad education. The ex is encouraging them to apply to very expensive schools that are a distance away which we feel that neither party could afford. If we have offered money towards their college education and have set up 529’s for them how likely is it that she could take him back to court about this and what would be the outcome.