Me again…and I’d like to begin by telling Rosen Law Firm how deeply grateful I am for the pro bono services that are offered via this forum.

I guess I have two or more issues this morning: 1) Still no billing from attorney’s office after asking for it a dozen times. Is this required in order for me to file the gargantuan amount for attorney fees on my taxes 2011? You once sent me info to contact you, and perhaps I could use that again?

  1. My divorce circumstances were very traumatic due to discovering the man I had married was a psychopath con man, and not the kind gentle soul he portrayed himself to be. There are multiple counts of fraud, none dealt with via the divorce decree or ED. I to date, still do not have all the information required to protect myself. Two years have gone by since DOS, and in this time my health has failed me considerably. I’ve been dx with CPTSD, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety , Panic Attacks, and that’s before all the testing has been completed.
    Ex insisted I stay home with my children from a previous marriage. My dr says I need disability , for he doesn’t think I’ll ever be able to work… (have only been a homemaker for 20+ years. Since I was forced to settle in mediation when my attorney said he would no longer represent me if I chose to take the case further, told me I needed to stop marrying men and expecting to get thousands from them, ( don’t know where this came from…I’ve been married 2 x and am 53)…then my health, ex’s infidelity, my lack of earning capacity, none of these factors were considered and I only got 3 yrs of alimony. I’m also left with an undetermined amount of marital debt that approaches nearly a million dollars that ex has not even attempted to refinance or relieve me from. Could a good attorney take this back to court, pursue medical support for me, enforce the decree which says he is to refinance the joint debts, or force him to insure himself for that debt? I feel like my divorce did not finalize anything, but left an open sore to fester. I want it all done with, erased, to be protected, and for him to be responsible for the damages. He is very, very wealthy, and the situation I am in should have never occurred. You do the crime, you pay the dime. (my rendition)

I need representation, and am not getting cooperation for my ex divorce attorney. He is quite reputable here in this town, though there are conficting reviews. Can your firm in Raleigh help me with any of this? Is there any cure to my circumstances? Or am I a loyal wife that was thrown to the trash when done with? I want to fight for what’s right, and that’s all.


I am not an attorney but I can only provide my experience. First I am sorry you have to deal with this situation.
You need to get a billing statement from the attorney as soon as possible. My previous attorney did the same thing. I even called the assistant at the office to see if I had any balances they said no and in the end send me a huge bill. I ended up having to file a complaint with the State Bar.

I don’t know if it depends on the judge but when I was awarded alimony it was only a short period of time. I have some of the same medical issues you have now. My judge wanted an award of disability then he would review the case for alimony. But there is no guarantee. Also if he is not refinancing the loan, you can file a show cause in order to file contempt.

You probably can find a attorney but it may cost you more to have the case heard as far as alimony. The ED may be worth revisiting if it is a million dollars worth of debt. I had a ED case which was a few thousand of debt and it ended up costing me more than the actual debt but ex didn’t want to drop the case.

Good luck.


ED is not modifiable if you have already settled or received a court order on that issue. If your ex is failing to comply with the agreement or what was ordered, then you need to file for breach (agreement) or contempt (order). An attorney cannot take him back to court if you are already divorced and did not preserve your rights to alimony/post-separation support by filing for them ahead of the divorce being finalized. If you have filed for support and have been ordered an amount by the court, it is modifiable upon a showing to the court of a substantial chnage of circumstances. If you reached a settlement on that issue, then that amount or duration of support is not modifiable. I am not sure about the attorney not providing the bill to you. You can complain to the State Bar if you feel that they are not providing you with a bill after a reasonable period of time.

As far as contact information is concerned, if you want to make a consultation with this firm you should call our main number and dial extension 100 to be put in touch with our client liaison.