Discovery timeline alienation affection

In an alienation of affection case, is there a time limit for the plaintiff to serve the defendant with discovery questions (or vice versa)? I know that the defendant has 30 days to respond (up to 60), but is there a time limit for discovery to actually be given to the other party?
I read that there is a 120 or 150 day limit for discovery to be completed by, but I was wondering when discovery should be expected. It will be one month on November 7th since I accepted the claim; it has been a week since I responded to the complaint.

Also, legal tactic wise, is it better to wait for the other side to serve you with discovery first or give them your questions first?


Each district has local rules for the timing of discovery. Most larger districts automatically generate a discovery scheduling order with all deadlines through the Trial Court Administrator’s office. I would look into the local rules to see how they approach discovery deadlines. You could also contact the Trial Court Administrator’s Office to see if they will be generating a discovery scheduling order.