Do I have rights?


I have been in a relationship with a man since the end of 2009…We have been planning to spend the rest of our life together. He wanted to marry me.He lives in another state and was planning on moving here as soon as a position opened. He is a pilot…at times some of my friends felt like he was hiding something. I did not think so…But this past Monday I found out he was married…This has left me very emotional and mentally drained…My question is do I have any case against this man for distress he has caused me and how can I protect myself from any problems arising out of this twisted ordeal…To sum it up do I have any rights to defend & protect myself?


In NC, in order to sue for emotional distress you must have had a physical injury/condition in connection with the distress. You may have a claim for breach of promise to marry. We do not handle such claims and I would suggest you consult with an attorney who handles general civil litigation.