Dear kjgm:

Greetings. First, I am sorry to hear about your experience. We do not bill hourly. If you have an issue with your attorney, you can contact the NC State Bar to discuss your options with your dissatisfaction. I am sorry that I could not help more, but this site is specifically for divorce related questions.

As far as your evidence, you should be able to obtain the same now, immediately. This also goes for a copy of your file. Thank you.

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My attorney just mailed be a bill for $8533. I gave her a retainer of $5000 so now I owe the difference plus need to get a balance in the fund of $1500. There is at least one mistake on it. I want to get another lawyer because she did not represent me well. I gave her the retainer in 10/05 and she never sent me a bill until now. I never knew what the balance was on my retainer until now. I thought that I would at least know when the original retainer fee was used up. There is suppose to be a $1500 balance in the fund that I wasn’t aware of either. She basically used all the retainer and didn’t advise me once the whole year, I never got a statement as to my balance. All my evidence is in her possession. I’m getting a sick feeling that I will not be able to get my evidence until I pay the balance. The bill states that if I do not remit the balance in 30 days she will file with the court to remove herself from being my lawyer. Where do I stand with getting my evidence back before I pay the balance? I can’t find my retainer papers right now and I think I remember reading any thing I give her belongs to the law firm or something like that. My first thought was to find another lawyer and pay her back over time. I’m so upset because I had no clue that I owned this amount and was under the impression that whatever she was doing for me so far was being taken out of my retainer. I don’t have money. I’m lucky to be getting support for my bills. Now I have to find someone else and most likely give them a retainer. I feel so trapped. Where do I stand with getting my evidence back before I pay the balance? What could she do if I try to pay her back over time? Can my new attorney get the evidence from her before I pay her? First I get screwed by my spouse now by my attorney.