Ex reported 3 harassment police reports on me


My ex reported 3 harassment reports on me. 2 on 4/7/12 and 1 on 4/11/12.
I am a federal flight deck officer and she knows these reports alone causes me to loose my
deputization. She falsified a police PFA in 2005 that got me thrown out of my house claiming
I pulled out a gun and threatened to kill her.

I have a legitimate claim that she continues to threaten my
life and 2 of my friends. I think she is doing this knowing I can’t file any if she already
did on me.

What can I do to get her to stop filing false police reports on me?

What can I do to challenge and remove the ones she has already filed?

What is the punishment for falsifying police reports?


You could file for a 50B protective order on the basis of continued harassment. Not sure what, if anything, can be done to remove the reports she’s filed. Any criminal punishment for filing a false report is beyond the scope of this forum.