Ex wife invading privacy


I would like to know what I can do to stop my ex-wife from invading my privacy. There have been numerous times when my ex shows up uninvited. On July 4 when I set off fireworks (NC legal) she showed up at sat 10 ft off the property line in my neighbor’s yard. Last month I had some friends over that we both knew but she was not invited she showed up in the backyard and just start talking like she belonged there. My girlfriend refuses to come over for special occasions because the ex shows up. Last week she dropped off 2 of my boys with their older brother and walked inside without me there. She then got upset because I had bought a new $300 computer! What legal process do I have to keep her out of my yard and preferably out of neighborhood. She had made a point of moving only 1/2 mile away. Sometimes she’ll take a walk by my house on the nights I have the children and play with them on the street. Please help me!


You first need to change the locks to your residence to avoid her coming into the home uninvited. Depending on what your custody order states, you may be able to seek the court’s assistance in keeping her from interfering with your custodial time. Additionally I recommend you contact your local police (non emergency line) each time she comes around in order to file a harassment report.