Forced out- Long!


Let me tell you my situation. First my wife is an attorney, but not a divorce attorney. My wife and I got into an argument about me not making enough money. and she told me that I have to leave. so I grabbed some work clothes and went to my mother’s house figuring that she just needed to cool off and we’d talk about it the next day. So I return home the next day and to get my razor and I see her laptop on so I log into her IM messaging account to find her messaging a male co-worker about going out to dinner that night while I was at work. so I drove to her job and confronted her about it. From there, I go to work that evening and after work returning home I found that she had the locks changed. she them moved my belongings out if the house into our storage shed. we are still speaking , but she says that I will never return to the house and she just wants me to get the rest of my things out.

Also I’m a full time student that works a full time job. Also I helped her get through Law school. I was working when she couldn’t work and was studying for the NC BAR. She says she will not pay me spousal support and if I divorce her I will have to pay half of her substantial credit card debt 30K plus! I had a divorce lawyer send her a letter stating what she did was wrong=illegal and she did not respond or comply with the letter. The lawyer that did this for me was sympathetic to my plight, but I truly cannot afford this lawyer. 4K retaining fee! I need help or some resources to turn to, and advice…Please help!!!

You will need to file an action suing your wife for support. You may seek attorney’s fees as well.