Going back to work after 4 years of being a sahm

My husband and I are discussing seperation, b/c he has threatened to leave (and take his money with him obviouslly) I have two interviews lined up this week for me to go back to work about a year sooner than I would have had we stayed married. I want to open a second checking account in my name only. It’s my understanding that anything I earn now (before he physically moves out) is still half his? I will need some way to hire an attorney w/out depleting marital assets.

question one-is my income considered “post seperation” b/c it was after he told me he wanted a seperation or marital b/c it was prior to him physically moving out
question two- can either spouse use marital income to pay for an attorney should the need arise?


You have equal title to marital funds, and to spend those funds as you wish. Anything earned after the two of you physically separate is not marital.